Graduate Student Association (GSA) Corner

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) rounded out another year of building networks and relationships. Led by a small but enthusiastically committed executive team, the GSA strives to be a support system for students and a presence on campus. During each semester, we supported and held different grad student events: student mixers in Nov, Dec., and April; a new biweekly initiative, Café B4 Class, and graduate involvement sessions such as the Town Hall and the Middle States Reaccreditation.
One interesting outcome from our events: we learned that grad students from a wide range of disciplines attend our events! Attendees varied from the consistent presence of MBA, MIT & BMS students to good showings from students in the ENV, CS, Human Sciences & Humanities programs. We were glad to see even a few professors accepted our invitation to hang out with their students! These responses are what GSA wants to encourage: ways for fellow academics to get to know each other and to share common interests and ideas with each another.
During the April 2017 Grad Student Mixer, we invited students to consider GSA leadership positions, resulting in several students signing up to accept this challenge. We are so excited to work with these students throughout the summer as they transition into new leaders! As we look towards the 2017-2018 year, we are optimistic that Hood College graduate students will continue their support for this young, but important program.

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