Graduate Student Association (GSA) Corner

The GSA has a number of upcoming events and networking opportunities this spring. GSA events are a great place to meet other students—whether to make new friends or meet potential business contacts.  I, personally, have met a great group of people through the GSA networking events last semester and was able to forward a fellow students resume to one of the people I met to help him find a job. These connections can also help you!  So…join us. Mingle. Have a great time. Get to know people who you sit next to in class.

To receive notification of our upcoming events friend us on Facebook: @HoodGSA and/or follow us on Twitter @Hood_GSA.  You can also email me if you’d like to be more involved or to ask any questions. All graduate students in every program are invited—welcome to your GSA!

– Jorden Welker (
GSA Representative

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