GSA Corner

Welcome new and returning Blazers!

As the President of the Graduate Student Association, I’m honored to welcome our newest colleagues to the graduate school and to some of the most memorable years of your life!  Here, at Hood College, you’ll be impacted positively with new friendships, caring faculty, and more.

The goal of the Graduate Student Association is to enrich your graduate school experience as well as to provide you the opportunity to lead and serve your fellow students and community.  Join the GSA, the only grad-focused organization on campus, to impact the College and enrich your time here.

The GSA is here to address issues that matter to you, and we invite all graduate students to join and take ownership over their graduate career here at Hood.  As a member, you will gain vital leadership skills that will help you develop as a student and professional, in addition to networking and professional-development opportunities.  Join today and have a great spring semester!

Mir Wasay

President, Graduate Student Association

Hood College

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