Thanatology Certificate Gets a Facelift


We are excited to announce the improvements to our Thanatology certificate program! To incorporate the changing needs of our students, many of whom are already in the health and human services fields, we have updated the curriculum for the program – streamlining our coursework and eliminating repetition, that we might best prepare our students for working in today’s multicultural society. We will also begin offering convenient online and weekend courses to make the program more accessible to working professionals and distance learners. Realizing that many of our incoming students already possess basic knowledge of death, dying, and grief, we spread the content of our previously offered Introduction to Thanatology class into four revamped courses: Grief and Loss, Principles of Thanatology, Developmental Perspectives in Thanatology, and Historical and Multicultural Perspectives on Death. Our new program appeals to both personal and professional goals to increase knowledge about death and dying in contemporary society and is ideal for those who want to expand their abilities within the health and human services fields, or the understanding of their own mortality.

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