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Here at The Graduate School, we know that anything worth working for is likely to be stressful at times, especially as you try to juggle a graduate degree with life’s other demands (e.g., full-time job, care-giving).  We have two initiatives that support our graduate students’ mental health while they balance the demands of life, school, and work.  First, we are forming a Mental-Health Task Force for Graduate Students, composed of faculty members from our counseling program, along with several student representatives.  Our goal is to have representation across all program areas, so please email if you are interested in participating on this task force.  Meetings will be just once/month with call-in options for remote participation.

Next, we now have extended health and counseling hours for graduate students, as part of our new partnership with Frederick Memorial Hospital.  In response to concerns from working students, we will now have appointment slots for the following times:

Health Appointments

  • 8 a.m.-8 p.m., Monday-Friday
  • 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Saturday-Sunday

Behavior Health Services

  • 10:00-6 p.m., Monday-Friday
  • Some 6-8 p.m. slots available upon request

We know that these longer hours of service will be of particular benefit to our graduate students, who are often working during the day.  To access the Center, students are encouraged to use the sidewalk between the Ronald J. Volpe Athletic Center and the athletic fields to exit the gate at 7th Street, where a blue light security phone currently exists. Individuals should proceed along the 7th Street sidewalk to the crosswalk at Tollhouse.

Teresa Cevallos, the former director of the College’s health center, will serve as Hood’s director of wellness and be the primary liaison between FRHS and Hood, facilitating communication and providing continual assessment to ensure the success of the partnership. In the meantime, please feel free to direct any questions or concerns to Teresa Cevallos at 301-696-3439 or

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